A light application of proper typing, JWK support, and usability over Go's excellent native RSA and ECDSA packages.
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JSON Web Key (JWK) support and type safety lightly placed over top of Go’s crypto/ecdsa and crypto/rsa

Useful for JWT, JOSE, etc.

key, err := keypairs.ParsePrivateKey(bytesForJWKOrPEMOrDER)

pub, err := keypairs.ParsePublicKey(bytesForJWKOrPEMOrDER)

jwk, err := keypairs.MarshalJWKPublicKey(pub, time.Now().Add(2 * time.Day))

kid, err := keypairs.ThumbprintPublicKey(pub)

API Documentation

See https://pkg.go.dev/git.rootprojects.org/root/keypairs


Go’s standard library is great.

Go has excellent crytography support and provides wonderful primitives for dealing with them.

I prefer to stay as close to Go’s crypto package as possible, just adding a light touch for JWT support and type safety.

Type Safety

crypto.PublicKey is a “marker interface”, meaning that it is not typesafe!

go-keypairs defines type keypairs.PrivateKey interface { Public() crypto.PublicKey }, which is implemented by crypto/rsa and crypto/ecdsa (but not crypto/dsa, which we really don’t care that much about).

Go1.15 will add [PublicKey.Equal(crypto.PublicKey)](https://github.com/golang/go/issues/21704), which will make it possible to remove the additional wrapper over PublicKey and use an interface instead.

Since there are no common methods between rsa.PublicKey and ecdsa.PublicKey, go-keypairs lightly wraps each to implement Thumbprint() string (part of the JOSE/JWK spec).

JSON Web Key (JWK) as a “codec”

Although there are many, many ways that JWKs could be interpreted (possibly why they haven’t made it into the standard library), go-keypairs follows the basic pattern of encoding/x509 to Parse and Marshal only the most basic and most meaningful parts of a key.

I highly recommend that you use Thumbprint() for KeyID you also get the benefit of not losing information when encoding and decoding between the ASN.1, x509, PEM, and JWK formats.


Copyright (c) 2020-present AJ ONeal Copyright (c) 2018-2019 Big Squid, Inc.

This work is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. For a copy, see https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT.