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About Root

Own your digital life

It's not that "the cloud" is bad, it's that we just don't like it (for most things). We prefer to own stuff, so that we're in control of it.

From pictures and calendars to music & movie collections, and everything in-between, we believe that you should have the option to own your stuff.

We're all about choice.


First off, we realize that we're re-inventing the wheel (or rather the cloud) from scratch, but we're okay with that.

For almost everything that we're building, there's something similar, and probably better.

We're building what we're building so that we can self-host it and redistribute it without incurring monthly, and so that we can make nit-picky changes to fit our exact use case.

Core Products

At the moment we're working on three core products:

  • Hub™ - The home server is our end game. It's long term and in it's infancy.
  • Telebit™ - Access and share your stuff, from anywhere. Essential to Hub and really useful.
  • Greenlock™ - Free SSL through Let's Encrypt (home servers and IoT need that)


The are a number of projects that either we've created, contribute to, integrate with, or otherwise consider very important to to our goals.

Progress & Roadmap

We're still in the progress of building many of the low-level components necessary for basic internet-y cloud-y things - like Dynamic DNS, mDNS, Domains, Tunneling, and Authentication.

See the Tracker to see what's in-progress.


We're the weird ones. We do things differently.

See the Philosophies for more on that.

How you can Help

  • Feedback. Pick a product that you like, use it, tell us how it went.
  • Documentation and Screencasts. Always need help there.
  • Check out the Roadmap above, look at some of the issues, see what interests you and make a comment.
  • Reach out to aj@therootcompany.com (coolaj86 on Keybase) and Ask for details.