XZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with a high compression ratio
Updated 2024-06-12 11:28:37 +00:00
The static portion of
Updated 2019-06-21 16:40:24 +00:00
fs.walk for Node.js (a port of Go's filepath.Walk)
Updated 2022-01-03 17:55:21 +00:00
Recursively copy Go virtual file systems, such as gobindata, vfsgen, and http.FileSystem.
Updated 2020-10-24 02:37:41 +00:00
A lightweight, zero-dependency drop-in replacement for request.js
Updated 2022-10-27 20:47:11 +00:00
A fast, lightweight, zero-dependency library to translate between Time Zones and UTC with native Intl.DateTimeFormat in ~100 LoC.
Updated 2022-03-12 04:02:29 +00:00
Break out of localhost. Access your devices from behind firewalls. Securely access your services from anywhere. An easy-to-use secure tunnel for all sorts of wonderful things (kind of like a poor man's VPN).
Updated 2019-08-11 02:17:18 +00:00
Push-button DIY tunnel service. Run on your Raspberry Pi or VPS to create your own secure tunnel to access your devices from anywhere or simply to expose your localhost development to the outside world.
Updated 2018-04-25 17:41:20 +00:00
Because friends don't let friends localhost.
Updated 2022-06-07 08:38:49 +00:00
Updated 2018-11-01 22:15:11 +00:00
A cross-platform service manager
Updated 2023-03-04 05:10:09 +00:00
Secure Client for node.js for tunneling over TLS (a.k.a. SSL) to expose secured service as plain-text locally - also enables multiplexing a single port with multiple protocols via SNI
Updated 2018-10-15 21:39:33 +00:00
Secure Client for exposing TLS (aka SSL) secured services as plain-text connections locally. Also ideal for multiplexing a single port with multiple protocols using SNI.
Updated 2023-10-28 01:19:00 +00:00
Updated 2019-05-18 14:35:07 +00:00
A simple, lightweight s3 client. Only 2 dependencies total.
Updated 2022-01-06 23:36:27 +00:00

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