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sclient unwraps SSL.
It makes secure remote connections (such as HTTPS) available locally as plain-text connections -
similar to `stunnel` or `openssl s_client`.
There are a variety of reasons that you might want to do that,
but we created it specifically to be able to upgrade applications with legacy
security protocols - like SSH, OpenVPN, and Postgres - to take
advantage of the features of modern TLS, such as ALPN and SNI
(which makes them routable through almost every type of firewall).
See for more info.
Package Basics
In the simplest case you'll just be setting a ServerName and connection info:
servername := ""
sclient := &sclient.Tunnel{
ServerName: servername,
RemoteAddress: servername,
RemotePort: 443,
LocalAddress: "localhost",
LocalPort: 3000,
err := sclient.DialAndListen()
Try the CLI
If you'd like to better understand what sclient does, you can try it out with `go run`:
go get
go run localhost:3000
curl http://localhost:3000 -H "Host:"
Pre-built versions for various platforms are also available at
package sclient