Secure Client for exposing TLS (aka SSL) secured services as plain-text connections locally. Also ideal for multiplexing a single port with multiple protocols using SNI.
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# I like my yoda conditions ST1017
checks = ["all", "-ST1017", "-ST1000", "-ST1003", "-ST1016", "-ST1020", "-ST1021", "-ST1022", "-ST1023"]
initialisms = ["ACL", "API", "ASCII", "CPU", "CSS", "DNS",
"EOF", "GUID", "HTML", "HTTP", "HTTPS", "ID",
"IP", "JSON", "QPS", "RAM", "RPC", "SLA",
"SMTP", "SQL", "SSH", "TCP", "TLS", "TTL",
"UDP", "UI", "GID", "UID", "UUID", "URI",
"URL", "UTF8", "VM", "XML", "XMPP", "XSRF",
"XSS", "SIP", "RTP", "AMQP", "DB", "TS"]
dot_import_whitelist = []
http_status_code_whitelist = ["200", "400", "404", "500"]