Manage PATH on Windows, Mac, and Linux with various Shells
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Manage PATH on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux with various Shells

pathman list
pathman add ~/.local/bin
pathman remove ~/.local/bin
pathman version
pathman help

Where is the PATH managed?

  • Windows 10: stores PATH in the registry.
  • Mac & Linux: stores PATH in ~/.config/envman/PATH.env

Note for Windows 10 users: due to differences in how cmd.exe, PowerShell, and pathman use and interpret strings, spaces, paths, and variables, you'll get more consistent results if you:

  • Use ~ rather than %USERPROFILE% or $Env:USERPROFILE
  • Use / rather than \ for delimiting paths


Mac, Linux:

curl -s | bash

Windows 10:

This can be run from cmd.exe or PowerShell (curl.exe is a native part of Windows 10).

curl.exe -sA "MS" | powershell

Manual Install

  1. Download
  2. Add to PATH

Or install via npm:

npm install -g pathman


mkdir %userprofile%\bin
move pathman.exe %userprofile%\bin\pathman.exe
%userprofile%\bin\pathman.exe add ~/bin

Mac, Linux, etc

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
mv ./pathman ~/.local/bin
pathman add ~/.local/bin


Webi ( is the preferred install method, but you can also download from Git Releases:

MacOS (including Apple Silicon M1), Linux, Raspberry Pi:

tar xvf pathman-v*.tar.gz
chmod a+x ./pathman
./pathman --help

Windows 10:

tar.exe xvf pathman-v*.zip
.\pathman.exe --help

Supported Platforms

  • MacOS
    • Apple Silicon M1
    • Intel x86_64
  • Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Linux
    • amd64 / x86_64
    • 386
  • Raspberry Pi (Linux ARM)
    • RPi 4 (64-bit armv8)
    • RPi 3 (armv7)
    • ARMv6
    • RPi Zero (armv5)

CLI Help (API)


pathman add ~/.local/bin
Saved PATH changes. To set the PATH immediately, update the current session:

	export PATH="/Users/me/.local/bin:$PATH"


pathman remove ~/.local/bin
Saved PATH changes. To set the PATH immediately, update the current session:

	export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin"


pathman list
pathman-managed PATH entries:


other PATH entries:



You can use ~ as a shortcut for %USERPROFILE%.

pathman add ~\.local\bin

The registry will be used, even when your using Node Bash, Git Bash, or MINGW.


git clone
go mod tidy
go mod vendor
go generate -mod=vendor ./...
go build -mod=vendor
./pathman list